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Copy and paste this form and email your content to [email protected] with "(Theme) Submission" as your email Subject. Please make sure your content fits within our content restrictions, and read through our license agreement, as listed below. Thank you!

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Do you consent to your content being in the DLC folder?: (If yes - please label which files may be DLC-exclusive)

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Formatting information listed in the Guide!

Content Restrictions

  • All participants and partners to this project must be 18+. No exceptions.

  • We do not allow content with any real names or close likenesses to real persons. Exception: Self-insert content without identifiable names/likenesses/etc. If you're not sure if your content violates this rule, inquiries are open.

  • For Original (unlicensed) Characters, only submit content with characters you own.

  • All submitted content must be created by the submitter themselves with assets (fonts, textures, etc) they own or assets that are free for commercial use.

License Agreement

  • By submitting your content to us, you are granting us (1) royalty-free, (2) perpetual, (3) worldwide (4) first serial rights to this content.

  • 1: You will not be financially compensated.

  • 2: While we are using this content in our fund raising campaign, it belongs to us.

  • 3: We will be publishing it on an international platform.

  • 4: Your content has not been published anywhere else before, and will remain exclusive to this project

  • At the end of the fund raising campaign, all rights to the content go back to you (the creator) and you may publish, edit, or re-use it however you need!

About the Zine

The PROBLEMATIQUE Zine is an early-development project by and for adult content creators to build connections to work towards similar goals. Our intentions with the PZ project is to release multiple sets of themed issues to raise money for multiple causes chosen by fandom. The first themes and cause were chosen by the staff, but if the project gains the necessary support, we look forward to working on behalf of fandom to help adult content creators platform their fan works for good causes!

This project is independently produced by an extremely small amateur team. Email us at [email protected] for more information on how you can help our cause!

Content Formatting

Image Submissions
Illustrations, art photography, finished spreads, etc

Single Spread: 2480 x 3608 pixels
Full Spread: 4960×3508 pixels
Margins: 200 pixels (on each single spread)

Small images: roughly 1040x1280px
Medium images: roughly 2080x1240px

Images should be transparent or full color .png in RGB colors and 300 dpi.
Please get in contact with the staff if you plan on formatting your own finished spreads for the zine. Thank you!

For all NSFW artwork, please provide an additional censored version of your content (for the preview version of the zine). You may censor it with watermarks, pixels, or anything else, so long as anything graphic or nude is fully covered.

Text Submissions
For the version of your text submission you submit to the zine, use 14pt Arial font with basic (bold, italics, underline) formatting. Please submit a .docx or .odt file.

If you're submitting a longer work of text (3-6k+ words), please create a preview for your submission and format your own .pdf or .docx file to be placed in the DLC folder. Feel free to format your preview however you like! DLC content can be as long as you want - even multi-chapter.

Other Submissions

Use your best judgment on how to format the content based on provided information, or get in contact with us at [email protected] for additional assistance!

What We're Looking For

All of our themes are multi-fandom, multi-ship, and multi-kink, so don't hesitate to find a place for your content in this project! Our goal is to showcase the creative works adult fandom has to offer, alongside a variety of resources, information, and ideas for how to safely and transparently navigate these spaces!

Art and Stories

  • Fan Content AND Original Content

  • SFW, NSFW, and Graphic works

  • AUs, crossovers, and canon-friendly content

  • Long-form works (multi-chapter fics, multiple versions of the same piece, etc)

  • Multimedia content

  • Anything and everything creative and kinky!

Everything Else

  • Articles on fandom's history and connection to the themes and ideas present

  • Journals that add perspective to the theme or its surrounding discourse

  • Interviews with creators, fandom leaders, and allies

  • Resources related to the theme

The DLC Folder

Every issue comes with its own DLC folder, where our submitters can opt to include other versions of their content available for readers to download.

Participation in the DLC folder is not required.


Long comics, art with multiple similar versions, additional watermarks and commission info - the DLC folder is the perfect spot for illustrators to get creative and promote their content their own way!


We recommend fic writers submit two versions of their fics - one for the zine, and one for the DLC folder. The DLC version can be a .pdf you've formatted yourself however you like, and can even be multi-chapter!

Multimedia Creators

For anyone submitting DLC-exclusive content (especially content that doesn't fit inside a .pdf), please submit a 'preview' version to be published in the zine - a still image works fine. Get creative!


We currently have slots open for all our themes. Please contact us at [email protected] to claim your slot! Once accepted, you can format an image to be placed in the .pdf that includes any links, information, or products you're advertising! Refer to our Content Formatting section for more information.

SmallMediumSingle SpreadFull Spread

See 'Submissions' for Content Restrictions and Licensing Agreement. More information on all project activities to be released later when site maintenance is complete. Thank you for your patience!

Contact Us

Social Links

DM us on Twitter or contact us via email to ask questions on ways you can get involved!

SET ONE: Prostasia

Deadlines: ON HOLD (TBA)
Submissions: OPEN

Prostasia Foundation is a child protection organization that focuses on an inclusive evidence-based approach to CSA prevention. They ally themselves with many communities, including communities in fandom and NSFW spaces, such as Age Players, those who create/consume Slash Fiction, and the BDSM community - all for their strong cultures of informed consent & maintaining healthy boundaries between adults and children. That's why we're proud to present the first three themes: Age Play, Slash Fiction, and BDSM.

A Word from the Founder

"The human imagination knows no limits, and fandom is all about exploring it in a creative and fun way. But responsible fans also understand that their fantasies may not be for everyone, and especially that some of them may be inappropriate for younger age groups. That’s why Prostasia Foundation is so pleased about the very thoughtful approach that the PROBLEMATIQUE staff have taken in developing their zine. The PROBLEMATIQUE team have it exactly right when they say that taboo and triggering subjects shouldn’t be off limits for fandom—but that they should be properly marked so that mature fans can actively choose whether or not to be exposed to them. As far as I am concerned, the steps that PROBLEMATIQUE is taking to make this a reality are first rate, we are honored to be the first beneficiary of the donations they raise." - Jeremy Malcolm, Founder of Prostasia


Fictional Content, factual resources, and everything in between can be submitted - see our Guide for Full Details!

Age Play

  • Ships with large age differences

  • Content with one or more underage character

  • Content with characters engaging in Age Play

  • Content with AUs where one or more character's age has been changed

  • Resources on the overlaps between Age Play, fandom, and child protection

Slash Fiction

  • Ships ONLY - no content with solo, anon, or off-screen characters

  • All genders, sexualities, and relationship dynamics welcome

  • An exploration of the history of fanfiction

  • Resources on the overlaps between Slash Fiction, fandom, and child protection


  • Content with power play, pain/pleasure play, and other dubious sex acts

  • Non-con, dub-con, and taboo fiction

  • Art that celebrates the aesthetic and culture of BDSM and fetish

  • Resources on the overlaps between BDSM, fandom, and child protection

Each issue will be $1 minimum with an option to donate more, with all proceeds (ads included!) going towards Prostasia.