A (WIP) multi-fandom charity zine for problematic erotica.
Sample issue is out now!

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We aim to build a constructive, inclusive community for fandom creators to explore taboo and problematic kink within their works in an environment that practices informed consent. We hope to utilize content warnings effectively, take constructive criticism to build a safer community, and most importantly, contribute to a good cause.

Our zine is kink-friendly, fandom-friendly, and inclusive of all forms of erotic art, including graphic and fluff. We also wish to include stories, articles and information, interviews with creators, and even advertisements for content creators and small shop owners.

Please consider sharing our Carrd with those who may be interested in contributing to a project like this, either as a creator or a donor! We look forward to seeing where this experimental project takes us, and hope to keep building onto it as we expand!


Release Information

When is the release?
Our Sample Issue is OUT NOW!! Please donate to help us pay for production costs!

The official first issue of PROBLEMATIQUE is currently accepting submissions! Submissions close in mid-December, and we hope to have an official release date ready by then, but may need to keep formatting with content creators who come in late. This is our first time running a project like this, so please stay patient and understand we're still learning!

How often do you plan on publishing issues?
We are hoping to publish new digital issues bi-monthly, if the budget allows the staff the time to work on the project this often. Please donate to the sample issue to support the staff and zine budget!!

Will it be digital or physical?
Digital. If we end up being able to afford it down the line, we will consider doing print editions. We will release more information on how we plan on achieving a print run down the line. For now, we hope the freedom of digital downloads can be a great compromise. Print issues would definitely need special formatting, and would cost us more than it would our supporters in these early stages!

Donation Information

How much will it be?
The Sample Issue is Pay-What-You-Want starting at $0 USD; proceeds will go towards our production costs, and the sampler will remain in our shop for continued support. Zine making is work, so please consider donating to help us keep doing this long-term!

What about the official release? How much will it be? Where will that money go?
The official cost of the zine is TBA, but it will definitely have the option of donating more than the base price. 100% of proceeds will go to the charity of choice for that current edition. There are going to be processing fees between payment processors, but none of the official zines' proceeds will go into the staff's pockets. We hope to be transparent about this down the line as we release issues and submit the final fundraising pool to the charitable cause of choice. Then, that issue will be replaced with the next issue, so we can start accumulating donations for a new cause!

Stay updated on upcoming themes and new information on our Twitter @problematiquez

What are the production costs you mentioned?
Mostly compensating us for the time and work it takes to organize submissions, maintain the shop, and compile the zine, but software and hosting fees are also a consideration to be aware of. Donations to our sample issue is currently our only method of receiving donations directly to the staff to help fund the project. All proceeds from the official release will be donated to the charitable cause affiliated with that issue.

How do you plan on maintaining production costs down the line?
We’re hoping to open a monthly donation box, for those who want to help compensate us for our work or even expand. For example, adding more members to the staff or doing a print run—which will require funds out of our pockets to keep physical zine costs low.

How will you choose the charity?
Each issue will have a different charity that goes towards the primary cause related to the theme of the issue. We currently have a small list of charities we know to be inclusive and helpful, but we would really appreciate your recommendations for charity options as well. Don’t be afraid to reach out! If you are a representative for a charity, or simply a supporter wanting to leave us a recommendation, please don't hesitate to email us at problematiquezine@gmail.com

Content Information

How will you choose the theme?
The theme will likely be chosen based on either which charity is getting a lot of recommendations, or if we’re getting a lot of the same type of content from different submitters; either way, we’ll announce that theme in advance.

What kind of submissions are you looking for?
Art, comics, fanfic, poetry, journals and articles, voice acting, music, animations -- if you're an adult content creator who wants to contribute to a fandom-fueled fire of kinky content aimed at a good cause, please consider donating your content to this digital zine project. If it's fictional, freaky, and fun, we wanna see what fandom can do! But, we also accept informative, or even personal pieces! Just be aware of our only rule: No real-world names or likenesses.

What kind of content should my submission be?
We're going to favor erotic works and graphic art relating to fandom, but we aren’t afraid to diversify our submissions. If you think your work fits and wanna join the zine, submit it! Or, get in contact for a quick inquiry and we'll see how we can help out! We're open to helping out any interested adult content creators!

Are original characters allowed?
Yes! So long as your piece fits the zine's theme, original work is allowed! We want ALL problematic content and aren't limited to only fandoms.

Are there any content restrictions?
Essentially, no! Your submissions may be as NSFW or SFW as you would like! All ships, fandoms, and relevant pieces are welcome. However, please do not refer to any real-world figures in your submission/s. This means no RPF (real-people fiction), and no cosplay/photography as of right now. Thank you for understanding!

General Information

Are there any other restrictions?
All content submitters and zine purchasers must be 18 years or older. All submissions for the official zine release must be exclusively available to the zine (new content, never posted elsewhere), at least until the next issue replaces the issue your submission appeared in the shop.

How will submitters be compensated?
Submitted content will be considered donated to us to help us build the zine. You will be fully credited in the index as you wish according to the way you input your credits on the form so others may find you.

Will submitters be informed if their submissions were accepted or rejected?
Yes, and we may also need to clarify details or suggest alterations, so be sure to check your email over the next couple of days. We hope to maintain a level of quality and inclusivity that a diverse community like fandom can appreciate.

Are there any other features in the zine worth knowing about?
We’re hoping to sell ad space to content creators for a small fee to also contribute to charity revenue. Price of ad space will increase as audience reach increases. We also hope to run mini-editions—which can either be focused on related fandoms, related creators, or other smaller thematic concepts if the budget calls for it.

What is the Call To Action here?
We’d really appreciate feedback, suggestions, creative content, anything you have to offer. If you have any special skills to offer the team that you think a zine like this could use and the time to donate, please consider contacting us to join through our contact email.

Business Information

What is the ad space?
Ad space is reserved for independent creators and small shop owners. Ad space can be a full-page spread, or the cheaper option—a "card" or "window" placed inside an article somewhere in the zine. You create the ad (or pay someone else to), and we place it in the zine. We do not make ads for you.

If you are interested in purchasing ad space, please contact us via email.

How do I join the team?
We currently aren’t in need of any graphic designers or managers, but if you feel you have a skill the team could use and some time to donate to a project like this, please feel free to contact us through our contact email.

Can I be interviewed?
We’re open to creators and others in fandom spaces contacting us for a short interview or even conducting their own and submitting it to us. Please tell us about yourself and your work, and we will decide if you’re a good fit for the interviews in our zine.

Other Information

What is the core focus of this project?
This zine was started by a handful of newbie fandom creators looking to give back to fandom in a way that ensured adult content creators can have the freedom and safety to distribute their problematic erotica in an ethical and constructive manner. We want to encourage fandom to discuss their experiences in these spaces as well, and provide resources and information on consensual kink play between adults.

How can readers trust the staff?
We plan on releasing relevant fundraising information when it is available, including how much was raised in the previous release (as each digital issue is replaced by the next). We will be hosting a separate source of income for the staff to use for this zine project, and we're open to discussing any questions or concerns further in email.

Are there any ways to get involved?
We encourage creators to collaborate on their own custom spread/s to donate to the zine to ensure their content is displayed how they wish. Outside of donating content to the zine, donating directly to the staff via our sample issue is the best way to make sure this project stays strong as long as possible! If you're interested in helping out, get in contact with us, and please be sure to start your own fandom-friendly adult content projects so we can cross-promote!

Submissions: OPEN


Thanks so much for your interest in submitting content to our zine project! Please use the following guide to understand the content we're looking for and how to format it, and use the form at the bottom to submit your fanart/fanfic to us via email. If you have any questions about how to fill this form out, feel free to email in advance. We look forward to working with our submitters to deliver a unique experience for PROBLEMATIQUE!


☑ Ships with large age differences
☑ Ships with one or more fictional underage characters
☑ Ships where one or all characters are of different ages than canon
☑ Ships where consenting adults indulge in CGL/age play
☑ Ships where age plays a role in their dynamic
☑ Resources on consensual age play

Please include whether your submission is related to Age Play within the subject of your email. Thank you



For Images: We recommend submitting watermark-less images that are .png format with basic RGB colors with either a transparent or full color background.

-----2-Page Spread: 4960x3508px (200px margins on both pages)
-----1-Page Spread: 2480x3508px (200px margins)
-----Medium Slot: about 2480x1380px
-----Small Slot: about 1240x1380px
-----If you are interested in submitting a DLC version of your content, we recommend submitting more than one version (even if it's just a watermarked version) for the DLC version. Feel free to include additional site/contact information in your DLC.
-----PLEASE SUBMIT A CENSORED VERSION OF ANY NSFW/GRAPHIC IMAGES. This is for the 'preview' version of the official zine!

For text submissions: fanfics, articles, or other text submissions can either be an .odt or .docx file with basic (bold, italics, underline) text formatting at 14 pt Arial font.

-----Fanfiction: <6000 words
-----Articles: ~3000 words
-----As a digital zine, our word count is not strict.
-----If you are interested in submitting a DLC version of your content, we recommend submitting your own custom formatted .pdf / .odt / .docx file for the DLC version. Feel free to include additional site/contact information in your DLC.

For other submissions: audio, video, or other submission types may need to be DLC-exclusive content if it can't be formatted into a .pdf. For all other content, please contact the staff directly via email to ensure your content type can be hosted. Otherwise, please submit your content using the email form below.

Content Restrictions

-----You may ONLY submit content that you own and have the permissions to submit.
-----You must be at least 18 years of age to submit content to this project. No exceptions.
-----Do not submit content with any real names, figures, or descriptions. Our zine is for fictional fandoms; any real people must remain anonymous. Contact us directly for more information if necessary.
-----Please only submit content you have not posted before; we want to keep incentive to donate high, so fresh content is a must! Please refer to the guide for more information on posting your content online.

》Please inform us of any formatting suggestions, additional descriptions/information, and concepts you may have in mind for how we can present your content in the zine. However, please be aware that the zine designers and editors make the final decisions! Thank you for understanding! Here is a list of suggestions we want to give all of our submitters:

-----Illustrators: Write a blurb about your submission, yourself, your experiences in fandom; we want to include your voice alongside your work if you feel so inclined!
-----Authors: If you include a DLC version of your fanfic, please feel free to include as many of your websites/information/unique formatting as you’d like. We encourage creativity and self promotion!
-----Comic Creators: Please include a title & closer for your comics. Format them however you wish!
-----All Content Creators: Please feel free to submit your own unique finalized spreads (leaving room just outside the margins on the bottom corners of a 2-page spread for the page numbers to be inserted in-post). We accept .afpub / .pdf / .png spreads.
-----If you ever need help, please contact us!

》Please feel free to include any Downloadable Content versions of your content with your own full personal customization (any watermarks, sites, information, or formatting) you’d prefer. We want our creators to have the chance to take control over how their content is distributed, and felt that DLC would be a good way to ensure creators can self-promote however they see fit.

-----Please identify the file/s available for DLC in your submission information.
-----DLC is
not* a requirement.

Official Form


Is there a DLC version of your submission?:

Name/Creator Pseudonym: (leave blank if you want to remain anonymous)
Fandoms, ships, and kinks:
Content Rating: (SFW, NSFW, or Graphic)
Content Warnings:
Credit line 1:
Credit line 2:
Best source of contact: (leave blank for this email to remain the only contact you have with any staff members)

Description and Info:
Publishing Suggestions:


Please include a subject line relevant to your message.

Below are the social media accounts of the individuals who are working on the zine publication.